Yoga Fitness Balance Board


Want a convenient way to work out at home?  It's time to intensify your workout sets! 



Take our Yoga Fitness Balance Board on-the-go. It's a one-touch balance board, perfect for full body workouts.

Fitness Workout Board For Core Training promotes active and dance-like movements without causing strain on your knees. Unlike the stationary balance board, this exercise board provides a low-impact workout on any surface.



All you have to do is stand on each end. Then, start twisting your core to help tone your abdominal, calves, and quads. This tool can also be used for modified planks or as standard push-ups. Due to its cut-out handle design on the sides, it's great for using your yoga moves for balancing.



This exercise board is sturdy enough to support up to 400lbs and is suitable for a person of any age.  It's advisable to consult your physician about the recommended exercise regimen to attain the balance that you need.


workout out with exercise board


  • Fitness with Fun - Fit Board Exercise is an effective way to get fit in minutes. Twist your way into your fat burning zone. Improve balance and coordination and gain strength by toning your abdomen, legs, core and upper body.

  • Strong Anti-Slip Material - Manufactured from Premium Quality ABS engineered plastic. Lightweight, strong and durable. Your exercise frame will support up to 400lbs, designed with a special non-slip surface that makes training safer and more comfortable.

  • Lightweight - Due to its weight of only 3.2lbs, the exercise board can easily be placed in a suitcase or backpack for a convenient ride. Plate measurements: 24 ”L x 10” W x 4 ”D.

  • Improve your Balance - Ideal for home training; our balance board is great for men and women.  It's best if used on carpeted surface. Great for everyone, even if you don't like to work out.

  • Versatile - The Exercise Chart is the ideal choice to make your workout fun! Use this multifunctional balance board as a plank, push stand or torsion board and enjoy all the benefits this amazing product has to offer!


workouts with the fit exercise board


  • Material: ABS
  • Color: Blue, Green, Orange, Purple
  • Size: 60 x 25 cm
  • Package Includes: 1 Yoga Fitness Balance Board