Magic Baby Walker Assistant


Parenting made easy with the Magic Baby Walker Assistant! 

Make your life easier and say goodbye to painful backaches from leaning and bending over while holding your baby’s hands. With this Magic Baby Walker Assistant, you can easily help your baby walk without breaking your back. Most importantly, you'll get to enjoy more quality time together.



  • This walking assistant belt will help your baby gain confidence, they'll think they're walking on their own.

  • Keeps toddlers from climbing out of high chairs or strollers.
  • This baby harness is very user-friendly and comes with a user-manual to help you use it efficiently.




How comfortable is the Walker Assistant?

  • The Walker Assistant is soft, light and breathable; helping to make your baby feel at ease.

How durable is the the Walker Assistant? 

  • The baby walker is mostly made of durable and thick fabric. The solid insert buckle will help ensure that your baby doesn't fall.


Materials: 100% cotton and 3D mesh, comfortable, breathable
Recommended Age: 6-24months                                                                                    Adjustable Size: 21.3-27.6inch/54-70CM                                                                          Recommended Weight: 11-44 lbs.                                                                       
Package Includes: 1 Baby Walker Assistant w/ strap