Giant Human Balloon



Bounce all the boredom away!
Are you bored at home? These Giant Human-Sized Balloons are perfect to use with your family and friends and it creates non-stop laughter and fun. It's an absolute boredom-buster and it's safe to use.


 You don't have to worry about busting this balloon! It’s made from high-quality natural latex that makes it super durable and unbreakable. The balloon is extra thick with a wide neck opening, that allows you to pull the balloon over your body and climb in.

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  • Size: When the balloon is fully inflated it can expand its size up to 72 inches or 180 cm and contains around 3k liters of air.

  • Large Neck Opening: The opening of the balloon is large enough for most adults to fit inside.

  • Durability: Latex-based material makes it unbreakable and super durable wiith inflated air that surrounds your body! You can bump each other without breaking the balloon.

  • Easy-to-Use: Just inflate, get inside and start bouncing around. You can even use this as a giant balloon ball to pass around at parties. The balloon can be filled with helium or with regular air using a pump.


  • Material: Latex
  • Size: 72 inches, 180cm
  • Color: Red
  • Package Includes: 1 Giant Human Balloon
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