Fun Frog Potty Training Toilet


Potty training is no longer a chore, it's loads of fun!


This Fun Frog Potty Training Toilet is perfect to help potty train your child. The fun target in the middle of the frog that's shaped like a tongue, makes potty training easy. It makes the child concentrate when they are using the bathroom, and it's loads of fun.


  • Potty train while having fun
  • Easy to use: Removable waste tank for easy cleaning and waste disposal
  • Design looks and feels like an adult toilet




How does the potty training toilet adhere to the wall?
  • This product comes with 2 stickers, 2 suction cups and 1 hook to put up on the wall.


Does this product come sealed in plastic? 
  • It comes inside a loose taped plastic bag that's neatly packaged.


Can you sit the toilet on the ground or hold it in the air for the toddler to use?  
  • It won’t sit upright on the ground, but you could hold it up. 


How do you empty it? 

  • The plastic part in the middle can be removed easily for emptying.


How often should you empty it?
  • Every time your child uses the potty.


Can you mount this on the wall without using suction cups? 
  • You could put screws in the wall where the cups are supposed to go.



Material: PP Material

Size: 8.3*6.0*11.6 inches, with portable hook and adjustable height

Ages: 1+ years old

Package Includes: Potty training toilet, 2 stickers, 2 suction cups and 1 hook