Easy Walker Harness Assistant

Keep your child nearby with this Walker Assistant! 

This new Easy Walker Harness Assistant is for children between the ages of 6 to 24 months, to help them walk. 
The unique vest easily fastens around the baby’s chest and the straps can be adjusted according to the child's height.





  • It's an ideal way to help kids learn how to walk in a safe environment.

  • The straps and safety buckles are adjustable, which helps make your baby feel comfortable and reduces the strain on the parent's back.
  • Machine washable. 

  • Material is soft, comfortable and durable.

Can my child get out of the harness assistant?

  • Your child will not get out of the harness as long as you make sure the plastic locks are tightened.


Material: Cotton
Size: length about 52cm - 62cm(20.5"-24.4"), adjustable
Net Weight: about 95g
Color: As shown in picture                                                                              Package Includes: 1 Easy Walker Harness Assistant