Cycling Cell Phone Case Holder


Take your waterproof cell phone case when your going for a spin!

The Compact Cycling Cell Phone Case Holder has a transparent touch screen case, which makes it easy to use your phone when you stop for a quick break.  The Velcro pads inside, is great for keeping your phone stable when you're out for a spin.




  • Shading board design to prevent reflection of light.
  • Waterproof zipper to prevent water from soaking through zipper.
  • Enjoy music while you ride.
  • Protects phone if you fall or crash.



    Is the phone case big enough for larger phones, like a note?

    • Yes. it's large enough to hold most phones below 6.5 inches, such as an iPhone and Samsung Galaxy.

    Is the holder waterproof? 

    • Yes the cycling bag is waterproof, it also has a nice inside area for your personal belongings.


    Material: Polyester
    Color: Blue, Black, Red, Grey
    Product Size: 185*95*85mm/7.3*3.7*3.3in
    Net weight: 95g                                                                                                                Package Includes: 1 Cycling Cell Phone Case Holder