BOGO!! Magic Vegetable Spiral Knife


Say goodbye to boring fruits and veggies and say hello to more fun and nutritious meals! 



If you love to cook fruits or veggies for the kids, try this amazing spiral knife. It adds fun and variety for family meals and makes eating fruits and veggies fun for picky kids!

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Strengthen a child's immune system and help fight illnesses. There is strong evidence to show that the nutrients found in fruits and vegetables can prevent chronic diseases such as cardiovascular diseases. The high-fiber content can aid in the proper function of the digestive system and prevent constipation.


The operation is simple: point the spiral device at the center of the fruit and vegetables and screw it clockwise until it penetrates the fruits and vegetables. Remove the handle and remove the tool in the opposite direction. Peel the skin of vegetables and fruits and completely remove the perfectly shaped fruits and vegetables.

Get perfect spirals in a matter of seconds!


  • Premium-Quality Materials: The metallic material is anti-rust and will prevent oxidation, unlike similar products on the market.
  • Lightweight and Easy to use: The handle makes it easy to rotate the cutter through fruits and vegetables.
  • Convenient and Easy to Clean: You can simply rinse it under running water or put it in the dishwasher.
  • Ergonomic Design: This user-friendly fruit and veggie cutter requires no effort and comes with a practical handle, that allows you to make a perfect spiral in a matter of seconds!
  • Easy to use: Create delicious, fun and creative recipes.
  • Fun & Healthy Snacks for the Kids: Want to make your kids enjoy fruits and veggies more? The kids won't even notice their eating healthy food.
  • Great for Special Occasions: Make creative dishes when friends come over for BBQ's or to visit.


    • Material: ABS Stainless Steel

    • Size: 6cm x16 cm

    • Color: As show in the picture

    • Package Includes: 2 Spiral Food Cutter