3:1 MultiFunctional Baby Carrier

Mint Green

The multi-functional baby carrier that can help you bring almost all of your baby's needs when you're  on-the-go!



Whether you and your baby are at home or going for a walk, there's always a lot of stuff to carry.  It can be really hard to carry your little angel all around with the additional weight on your shoulders or back.



Introducing, our Multifunctional Baby Carrier. The multifunctional device that will help you carry your child with ease and bring all of their necessities, without having to carry another bag around. It's a carrier and a baby bag all-in-one, that allows you to carry everything your baby needs with you.



The carrier can be detached from the baby seater and vice versa. This will allow you to utilize them both. By detaching the baby seater, you can use the carrier at home to carry your baby around. 



The baby seater comes with two side pockets where you can put the feeding bottle, mobile phones, and more. This will allow you to access the items you use the most with ease.



The carrier itself has a built-in padding and proper ventilation on the baby's chest area and intimate anti-strangulation padding to provide safety and comfort to your baby.


The carrier can be used several different ways, depending on your baby's age!




  • 3-in-1 Function: This multi-functional Baby Carrier comes with a 3-in-1 function to provide you maximum comfort and ease when it comes to carrying your baby alone. It works as a carrier, baby bag seater or its perfect for travel.
  • Breathable and Ergonomic Design: It comes with super soft padding to and breathable material so that they don't feel sweaty.
  • Multifunctional purpose and uses: The carrier can be used several ways depending on their age, that is both safe and comfortable.



  • Recommended Age 0-3 years old
  • Material Cotton
  • 1 Multi-functional Baby Carrier